Meet our Ponies




Brown and white pinto gelding in his 20’s.

15'1 Hands High

Buddy is a Quarter cross stock horse Buddy came to us from the famous horseman Charlie Howick who starred in and trained the horses in the iconic Australian film ‘The man from snowy river’ He was a mountain trail riding horse spending many hours taking people for rides up in the countryside of merrijig. He has also been to Melbourne in the parade of Champions. He loves carrots but only if they are sliced thinly. Apples too


Adorable bundle of fluff. He is a Shetland gelding, 14 years old dark brown and cheeky!

10 Hands High

We found buttercup from another pony ride company. Buttercup has previously spent time at the Berwick markets before coming to us
He loves to eat everything! He is very cuddly and will often demand pats and cuddles



The white unicorn who is the star of the show.

11 Hands High

Blossom is one special little girl. She is very quiet and gentle. She is 11h and her breed is an Australian riding pony. She came to us with her best friend Mabel and helped my daughters learn how to ride. She is 13 years old and although she loves treats she is very limited to what she can eat as sugar in grass or apples is not very good for her. The occasional slice of carrot is her favorite


Mabel is Blossoms best friend. She is very speedy and loves to go fast.

11'2 Hands High

She loves to eat everything and apples and carrots are her favourite. She is white with brown speckles if you look closely enough. Mabel was a farm pony before she came to live with us. Mabel is two years older then Blossom so she is about 15



A cremello beauty. She’s a Shetland pony and perfect for toddlers.

9 Hands High

She has beautiful blue eyes and was a pony ride pony at Carribean Market before she came to us. She has also had experience with unicorn pony parties.

In Training

Bella and Honey

We have a beautiful mother and daughter welsh mountain pony duo that are learning the ropes and seeing if they love pony parties. Sometimes they come along to watch and see their friends out at birthday parties. Bella is a cremello blue eyed mare and her mother is a palomino mare named Honey. They are both around 12h so better suited to taller children when blossom is a bit too short

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